Lib Dem peer resigns over Farron’s views on homosexuality

Brian Paddick, who was UK’s most senior gay police officer, quits home affairs role citing concerns highlighted during election

Brian Paddick
Brian Paddick said he was concerned about ‘the leader’s views on issues that were highlighted’ during the election campaign. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Guardian

The Liberal Democrats’ home affairs spokesman, Brian Paddick, has resigned from his post, citing concerns about the party leader’s views.

Paddick said he was concerned about the leader’s views on various issues that were highlighted during the campaign. Throughout the election campaign, Tim Farron was dogged by questions over his attitude to homosexuality and abortion, though he has insisted he does not believe gay sex is a sin and has said he is pro-choice.

The Lib Dem peer, formerly the Metropolitan police’s deputy assistant commissioner and the UK’s most senior gay police officer, has stood as the party’s mayoral candidate in past elections.

Farron has made it clear to allies he believes the party has made significant progress in the general election and he has no intention of standing down. The Lib Dem leader still enjoys wide support from much of the party membership, particularly for his uncompromising stance on remaining in the EU.

On Wednesday morning, the Lib Dems announced they would hold a deputy leadership election amid reports that MPs were mulling a leadership challenge. The party gained four seats from the eight it won in 2015, and ran several others very close.

However, several MPs lost their seats, including the former party leader Nick Clegg and the Richmond Park byelection winner, Sarah Olney. The MP lost her seat to Zac Goldsmith by less than 50 votes.

Several prominent former MPs won back seats they lost in the 2015 election, including former cabinet ministers and coalition frontbenchers Vince Cable, Ed Davey and Jo Swinson.

Farron’s majority was slashed from more than 9,000 to about 700 votes. Sources close to the leadership said he was determined to stay on, given pre-election predictions that the party would lose seats.

Despite seat gains,some in the party also expressed doubts about focusing the campaign on a second EU referendum and Farron’s appearances were dominated by questions about his views on gay sex and later on abortion.

Asked several times during the campaign whether he believed gay sex was a sin, having previously told Channel 4 News “we’re all sinners”, Farron repeatedly said he was not prepared to make theological pronouncements, before insisting he did not believe it was a sin and that he was pro-life.

Tim Farron speaking in the House of Commons during its first sitting since the election.
Tim Farron speaking in the House of Commons during its first sitting since the election. Photograph: PA

One senior Lib Dem source suggested that loyalty to the party had prevented people raising their concerns publicly during the election campaign.

Senior party figures believe the party’s election performance was significantly affected by stories about Farron, including in progressive metropolitan areas such as Sheffield Hallam and Leeds North West, where Clegg and his fellow Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland lost their seats to Labour.

The party also failed to win back Bermondsey and Old Southwark in south London, where Simon Hughes lost ground in his former seat to Labour’s Neil Coyle, who took the seat in 2015.

However, Farron’s leadership has given the party a clean break from the coalition government, having never been a minister and having voted against measures such as tuition fees and the bedroom tax. Cable, Davey and Swinson were all members of the coalition who backed unpopular measures.

“It’s a dilemma,” a Lib Dem source said. “It’s an opportunity also to have a first female leader, but there are some who feel anybody as leader who was part of the coalition government would be poisonous. That’s the conundrum.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Farron said the time had come for a deputy leader, given the party had elected a number of new women MPs when only men were elected in 2015. Swinson, who won her East Dunbartonshire seat from the Scottish National party, will be favourite to take the position unless a leadership challenger to Farron emerges.

OPINION I’m black and gay. Black Lives Matter Toronto doesn’t speak for me

I believe Toronto police should be allowed to participate in Pride in their uniforms

I can honestly say I feel uncomfortable at Caribana due to black homophobia, which Black Lives Matter casually ignores.

No one appointed Black Lives Matter (BLM) to act as spokesperson for the entire black community. Much of the public, however, has taken them as representative of an entire race.

I am black and gay, and I do not agree with the divisive tactics adopted by BLM Toronto — including its disruption of last year’s Pride parade in Toronto, and its subsequent demand that uniformed officers not participate in the event.

In fact, a lot of black people in Toronto and elsewhere don’t agree with the group, but they are afraid to speak out. Many are worried about being called an “Uncle Tom” or a “House Negro” for expressing their opinions.

Not a monolithic community

American writer Zora Neale Hurston captured this idea when reflecting on her own disassociation with the black political elite, famously saying, “My skin folk ain’t my kin folk.”

Hurston was a Republican who was critical of the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision to desegregate schools, which made her an easy target for criticism in the black community. Her point, nevertheless, was that just because people share a racial background does not mean they necessarily agree with each other on certain issues — a truth that is often overlooked in commentary about racial issues.

I, like many people who make up what is likely the silent majority, believe that the Toronto police should be allowed to participate in the gay Pride parade in their uniforms. For one thing, more uniformed officers would mean help would be easier to find if someone is in distress and immediately needs assistance.

But beyond that, the Toronto police has worked hard to build bridges with the gay community — by formally apologizing for the 1981 bathhouse raids, by regularly participating in Pride parades, by raising a rainbow flag outside headquarters for the first time and so forth. Not allowing them to wear their uniforms at Pride is a step backwards for the relationship.

Toronto Pride Parade Hamilton police

Toronto police has worked hard to build bridges with the gay community. (Mark Blinch/Canadian Press)

What’s more, Pride Toronto has worked hard to create safe spaces for gay LGBTQ people of colour. For instance, for the last near-20 years, Pride has hosted “Blockorama” during the weekend of the parade — an area specifically for black artists, musicians, writers, singers, dancers and regular folk to celebrate black and African cultures. By contrast, there has never been an official program for LGBTQ people during the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, formerly (and colloquially) known as “Caribana.”

Indeed, I can honestly say I feel uncomfortable at Caribana due to black homophobia, which Black Lives Matter casually ignores. I am constantly looking over my shoulder in fear of being attacked, simply because I am a gay man. In recent years, I have stayed away entirely. Yet there is virtually no dialogue about anti-LGBTQ prejudice within the black community.

Speaking for others

Black Lives Matter could use their political and social power to actually raise awareness about this issue, but it is apparently easier for them to target the white gay community than it is to tackle black homophobia. And Pride Toronto yields to their requests, as if the black community is a monolithic entity represented by a single group.

In her essay “The Problem of Speaking For Others,” feminist writer Linda Alcoff writes about the quandary of certain individuals or groups speaking on behalf of marginalized communities, which she argues can stifle the diversity of voices being heard. Indeed, that seems to be happening here.

Yet no one appointed BLM to speak for the entire black community. The police, Pride Toronto, the media and the public need to remember that.

This article is part of CBC’s Opinion section.

Thousands march in Israel’s gay pride parade


Tens of thousands of rainbow flag-toting revelers attended the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parade in Tel Aviv on Friday, billed as the largest of its kind in the deeply conservative Middle East.

The annual parade featured floats with blaring sound systems and gyrating dancers. Revelers could be seen dancing on the balconies of surrounding building.

“We need to show ourselves and we also need to fight for others who need to feel like they can show themselves too, to empower everyone around us,” Max Kratz, a parade participant from Germany told Reuters.

Same-sex marriage is against the law in Israel, but polls published in the country’s media this week suggested that around three quarters of Israeli Jews supported permitting it.

“We are here to party and to celebrate with them, their freedom in Israel and we are hoping they are going in the right direction and have more privileges in the country,” party-goer Shir Geri told Reuters.

The parade caps a week of pride festivities in the city, which authorities expected to draw 35,000 tourists. The parade is sponsored by the municipality, which said it had invested heavily to promote gay tourism in recent years.

(Reporting by Amir Cohen; Writing by Mark Hanrahan in London; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

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5 Signs You Have a Healthy Sex Life

Do you have a happy healthy sex life? Unfortunately many couples often compare their sex life with those of other couples. Don’t do that. Each relationship and situation is different. What works for one couple might not work for you. That being said, there are a few common things you can look for that will help you determine if you have a happy and healthy sex life. Below are 5 signs that will help you see just how healthy your sex life is or isn’t.

Sign #1 – Your Relationship is Healthy

Couples with a healthy relationship communicate with each other on a regular basis. The lines of communication are always open. Healthy couples are able to tell each other when something is wrong. Healthy relationships consist of two equally committed individuals. Healthy couples have realistic expectations of each other and are not over demanding.

Sign #2 – Experimenting in the bedroom

Experimenting in bed is a sign of a happy and healthy sex life. Don’t go overboard here. Experimenting in bed will improve your sex life a great deal, but don’t overdo it. Experimentation can be done in several different ways. It can something as simple as trying a new position or having sex in a different place.

Sign #3 – Sex is Freely Given

When couples have been together for a long time sex tends to become more of a chore rather then something that is done for pleasure. Sex should be something that you enjoy doing with your partner. Not something you feel obligated to do. Having sex because you want to will allow you to achieve maximum pleasure.

Sign #4 – Sex is A Regular Part of The Relationship

It is not uncommon for sex to take a back seat to everything else. When you are dealing with raising a family, working and handling other important tasks it can be very hard to have sex on a regular basis. Don’t let your day to day responsibilities get in the way of you having sex with your partner. Couples who make time for sex have happy healthy sex lives. Be spontaneous! If you only have time for a quickie then by all means do a quickie.

Sign #5 – Sex is more than just Sex

Unfortunately most people don’t realize that sex is about more than just having intercourse. Foreplay is extremely important when it comes to having a happy and healthy sex life. Every day you should do something that your partner might not expect. Leave a little love note or send them an unexpected gift to work. This will keep your partner interested in you. If the romance is still going on way after the intercourse has come to an end then you have a happy and healthy sexual life.

If one of the signs mentioned above describe your relationship then chances are you have a happy and healthy sexual life.

Don’t take for granted the fact that you have a happy and healthy sex life right now. Things can quickly change. Remember to always keep the lines of communication open. Especially when it comes to sex and the needs of your partner.


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Better Sex Guide For Women

Who doesn’t want great sex? A satisfying sex life definitely adds spice to your relationship with your partner. But how do you achieve a better sex life? Lovemaking is more than just “making love.” It entails the perfect mix of communication, the right attitude, loving your body, and other elements. Here are some guidelines to help women out there to revive their lost sexual drive and to ultimately achieve a fulfilling sex life.

Better Sex Guide #1: Avoid straying your thoughts while having sex.

This involves having the right attitude about sex. To fully experience the pleasure of sex, you have to free yourself of negative feelings such as self-consciousness, guilt, bad judgment, and other hang-ups. That also means you must avoid worrying about your pending work in the office or the things you’re going to do the next day while making love with your partner. Just savor the moment and enjoy each other.

Better Sex Guide #2: Relax and don’t pressure yourself.

A mind-blowing sex shouldn’t be forced. You have to allow it to happen. In many instances, reaching orgasm triggers anxiety especially to women who pressure themselves into performing well during sex. That’s why many women subconsciously conceal their sexual problem by faking orgasm. That’s simply not the essence of sex. It’s advised that you relax and enjoy the intimate moments you have with your partner.

Better Sex Guide #3: Be healthy and stay fit.

You’re probably aware that people who get a lot of sex are happier people. This, in fact, is supported by several studies. To be able to have more sex, you need more energy. Enough sleep, plenty of rest, adequate exercise, and balanced diet can increase your sexual stamina. These healthy factors induce better blood circulation to the sex organs, which is very crucial to arousal and orgasm.

Better Sex Guide #4: Relieve yourself from stress.

Find ways to reduce stress in order to raise the chances of arousal. Why not go on a date with your partner at least once a week? Or you can make your sex life more exciting and steamy by taking a shower together or spending an intimate night by the beach.

Better Sex Guide #5: Accept and love your body.

Do you hate yourself for being flat chested or overweight? Just because you don’t have an ideal cup size, it doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex. Your negative feelings toward your body can only ruin your sensuality. What really matters is how good your body feels when you’re having sex with your partner. Learn to love your body and all its curves. Perhaps, you’re not aware that your big curves look sexy to your partner.

Better Sex Guide #6: Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment.

Sharing passion with your partner shouldn’t be too serious. Think of sex as a fun activity – you are free to be creative and to try things differently. For example, you can talk with your partner about your fantasies and find out how you can turn them into reality. Also, discover what turns you on in bed.

Better Sex Guide #7: Communicate.

Finally, getting better sex also needs good communication between partners. Don’t be afraid to speak up to your partner regarding your sexual relationship. This will lead to understanding of each other’s sexual needs, thus leading to a greater sexual life.


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Sex Offender Database – A Valuable Tool

Sex offenders are living in your neighborhood and you don’t even know it. When a person is convicted of a sex offense they are put into a state database depending on the extent and exact nature of their crime. Remember, this will vary from state to state. It is important that you check your state’s sex offender database so that you know where the sex offenders near you live. The purpose behind these databases is so that the citizens can be made aware of the presence of these offenders living in their neighborhoods.

Once you check the database you will most likely see that there is a registered sex offender living near you. You may be asking “what do I do now that I have found that a sex offender lives near me and my family” Let me tell you what I did when I checked the database. I live in Florida and I found the state sex offender registry here, and I found it very easy to use. I simply input my address and tell the system that I want to run a check of offenders living within 3 miles of my home.

I hit the search button and when the page refreshes it tells me that there are 41 registered sex offenders living within 3 miles of my home. It also allows me to click a button and it will bring up a map showing where these offenders live. Nice little tool. I was very surprised that there are 41 sex offenders living near my home. I live in a deed restricted neighborhood with lots of children running and playing at all times of the day and night.

41 registered sex offenders living near me has severely raised my caution level. I will print out there pictures and pay close attention to the 1 or 2 offenders that are living within walking distance of my home. I will also make copies of the pictures and give them to my neighbors and the neighborhood association. If I see one of these sex offenders approaching kids, watching kids, or acting suspicious, I will contact their probation officer or notify the local police (I do not live in the community where I work)

Knowledge is power and by knowing who the offenders are has given me the upper hand in protecting my small child and the other children in my neighborhood. I do not advocate harassing sex offenders who live near you because you do not know the entire background of these individuals and they may retaliate against you or your family. Having the neighborhood association write the sex offenders a nice letter advising them that the association is aware of them residing in the neighborhood and the rest of the community will be made aware.

I would also have your neighborhood association or crime watch call a meeting and invite a member of the local police department to attend to speak about registered sex offenders. Prior to this meeting, I would go door to door and invite all the residents to the meeting to make them aware. If a meeting is not possible or you do not have a neighborhood association, I would organize a door to door operation where you hand out copies of the sex offenders. You will then have hundreds (maybe thousands depending on the size of your neighborhood) of eyes watching out for these sex offenders.

If a sex offender decided he wants to commit another sex offense he will most likely not do it in a neighborhood where the residents are aware of his status as a sex offender. Many sex offenders have served their time and are trying to be honest and productive members of society, but many also commit further sex offenses. Many sex offenders in my opinion cannot be rehabilitated and will not stop trying to commit sex offenses.

Warn your children to stay away from these individuals and report any suspicious or odd behavior observed to the local police. Do a Google search for your state’s sex offender database (florida sex offender database, etc) and educate yourself about the sex offenders living near you.


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Top Five Ways For Women to Desire Sex Again

A lack of sexual desire (the thoughts you have around sex) is the number one reason couples in North America stop having sex. What that means for you is: if you have negative thoughts towards sex before, during and after the sexual encounter, it will profoundly dampen your desire to have sex. I call it the “oh crap” phenomenon-“Oh crap, do I have to have sex tonight”, or “Oh crap, you want sex now! Can’t you see I’m exhausted?”

To get back your sexual desire, you need to start having positive thoughts towards sex. Think about something that is an indulgence–a bath, a professional massage, reading a book uninterrupted for an hour. You look forward to these times because it’s all about you and is a nurturing space. This is how you should feel when going into the sexual experience-it’s all about you, and your needs, wants and desires do matter and will be attended to.

There are many ways to overcome a low sexual desire and I’ve listed the top five below. However, if you are experiencing marital difficulty in other areas-over finance, children, inequitable distribution of household chores – you must work through these first. Women tend to hold on to and not forget these hurts, making it that much more difficult to have any sexual desire.

That said, pick one of five, think about it and move into action.

Sex is so Much More Than Having an Orgasm
The irony of women’s emancipation is men and women were told that once a woman got her orgasm, she would be sexually satisfied. Surprise! Healthy women can and do consistently have an orgasm but still have no sexual desire. Regrettably, couples looking for answers to their sexual woes focus on having a bigger, better orgasm-via sex positions, sex toys, g-spot orgasm, etc. Having an orgasm is about 5% of what sex is. Therefore, you need to refocus your attention to the sensual side of sex.

Your Needs Are Equal
There’s a shift when we move into our long term relationship where many women stop asking for what she wants. Sex becomes less satisfying because she does not discuss that her sexual needs have changed and are not being met. Add to this, women resent that in order for the sex to be “successful”, he must always have his grand finale orgasm. This leaves too many women feeling like her needs always come second to his. You are half of the sex team. Your needs are as important as his. To enjoy sex again, you can no longer take a back seat.

Know What You Want
If you’re not happy with the way sex is in your relationship, then you have to know what you want out of the sexual experience. Generally, women want to be nurtured-that’s why every sex expert under the sun professes, foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Unfortunately, too many women skip foreplay because they just want to get the sex over with.

Not having the kind of sex you want creates a chicken and egg situation of: you’re never aroused enough during sex because your sexual needs aren’t being met; and you don’t look forward to sex (a.k.a. sexual desire) because you are never aroused enough during the sexual experience.

Get Back In Touch With Your Body
Women live inside there head and disconnect themselves from their necks down. Multitasking is great everywhere BUT the bedroom. A woman must allow herself to bask in her amazing senses-taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Not only that, be okay with unabashedly taking sensual pleasure from the sexual experience. Your body is an absolute wonderland that invites you to enjoy sex. It’s time you get on board.

Put Your Back into Sex
Too many women are still passive participants in the bedroom. They wait for their partner to initiate. They let their partner figure out what to do during the sexual encounter…and then gripe when it’s not what she wanted. It is imperative you be proactive in the sexual experience. To initiate then follow through with what you want. This will give you much needed sexual self-confidence which will then enable you build a bigger, better sex life.

Getting your sexual desire back doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. It does, however, mean you sit down and take an honest assessment of why you don’t desire sex. Once you figure it out, moving into a sex life that you look forward to is quite easy.

Good luck.


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Understanding Megan’s Law – Sex Offender Registration and Internet Database

California has seen many changes in sex crime laws and sex offender registration over the past decade. Those facing sex crime charges in California are subject to more penalties and pressures above and beyond a courtroom trial, prison time, or fines. Depending on the case and the consequences of the sex crime conviction, an individual may be required by Megan’s Law to register as a sex offender. California’s Megan’s Law was enacted in 1996 to allow local law enforcement agencies to inform the public about sex offender registrants found to be posing a threat to the public. As of recent years, the public has access to the location, names, and photographs of  “certain” sex offenders in their community on the Internet.

Such personal and public disclosure is determined by the type of sex crime a person was required to register under. Not every registered sex offender is required to be on this Internet website. In fact, about twenty-five percent of registered sex offenders are excluded from public disclosure by law. Based on the sex crime, the information required to be disclosed on the website falls into the categories of zip code, conditional home address, and home address.

Internet Sex Offender Regulations

It is important to note that Megan’s Law is meant to protect families and children – not as an additional means to punish the sex offender. Nevertheless, it can be a devastating experience for a person to face the shame and embarrassment that comes along with registering as a sex offender and having personal information about them on the Internet, especially after fulfilling the legal prison sentence, fine, or any other appointed punishment.

In addition, it is against the law to misuse the available offender information on the Internet to harass or commit any crime against the offender. In fact, if someone uses the data on the website to commit a felony against the offender, a prison term of at least five years can ensue. If a misdemeanor is committed against the offender by using the website’s information, fines from $10,000 up to $50,000 can result. Those who are required to register as a sex offender on the Internet face fines up to $1000, imprisonment in a county jail up to six months, or both, if they fail to enter their information on the website (Pen. Code, § 290.46, (h)(2).

Standards for Exclusion from the Internet Website

Determining if a sex offender registrant qualifies for exclusion from the Internet website is up to the Sex Offender Tracking Program. You can apply for exclusion by completing and submitting a form to the California Department of Justice. Registered sex offenders who receive exclusion from the website must still register as sex offenders. That is why if you have been arrested for a sex crime in California, you need a top California criminal defense attorney who can help you appeal your sentence, prevent sex crime registration, or reduce your conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Registrants whose sex offenses are for the following offenses may apply for exclusion:

Registrants whose sex offenses are for the following offenses may apply for exclusion:

· Any offense which did not involve penetration or oral copulation in which the victim was a child, sibling of the offender, grandchild, stepchild, and for which the offender successfully completed or is successfully completing probation

· Sexually battery by restraint (Penal Code § 243.4, (a))

· Misdemeanor child molestation (Penal Code § 647.6, or former section 647a)


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